Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show – “Our Connection with a Victoria’s Secret Supermodel”

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Victoria’s SecretFashion Show 2017

“Our Connections with a Victoria’s Secret Supermodel” 

By Iris Olivera 

On a typical brisk day in Manhattan during NYFW17, me and my daughter, fashion model Chelsea Kithcart were making stops around the city auditioning for castings for “The Shows”. It was hectic, catching taxi’s, hoping to make it in time to each audition before the long line of casters were in place and before the cutoffs. Each casting was overly crowded and some were clearly uncoordinated. But without hesitation, we waited for her turn to audition. 

So, during the last casting call of the day, we agreed we were hungry and wanted to just hang around and grab a bite to eat before going back to the hotel. As we were walking, this tall, beautiful lady walked across the street in front of us. I said to my daughter, isn’t that…

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Mystery Behind The Mask

This shoot was with Photographer Kimberly Joy

I named it Mystery Behind The Mask because the model Charlie has something very mysterious about her!!  Check out the 15 clip on my Instagram Page👇


Sigma Spa® Express Brush Cleaning Glove reviews 

Hello, I have exciting news about the Sigma Spa® Express Cleaning Glove!!!

I rate this product 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟!!  I shall start by saying this, I cleaned my brushes under 20 minutes.  You are probably guessing how many brushes I had to clean?  I will get to that in a bit.  

The Sigma Spa® Express Cleaning Glove is made to clean and rinse all in one.  There is one side to clean face brushes and the other eye brushes.  I’m glad I made this purchase. The total time I spent on cleaning my 37 brushes… Drumroll 17 minutes & 33 seconds 😊.   


13 Face Brushes and 24 Eye Brushes…can you beat that time?

Blog with you soon!!

International Natural Hair Meetup Day

Save the date May 30, 2015 Clara Bea Essentials and Mane Angels along with Design Essentials presents International Natural Hair MeetUp Day!! Enter promo code: INHMD5OFF

The Guest Speakers are:  Margaret A. Brunson – Author – “How My Hair Saved My Life”
Marche Robinson – Fashion Stylist / Fashion & Style Blogger

April Clark – Fashion Stylist and Owner of Iconic Lifstyles Inc. 

Keli B. –  Fashion & Beauty Blogger Protective Style Expert

Kim Sessoms – Nutrition and Fitness Expert

Anita Ivory – Special Occassion MUA

Pretrina Bryant – Spoken Word Artist 

Valerie Barr MUA – Diva5000 Makeup Artistry